Monday, August 24, 2009

Up and Coming: New Printmakers Make Their Mark

from the article,

There are artists here working in more traditional media, but this does not mean their art is in any way conventional or boring. Ivanco Talevski makes strikingly unusual and beautiful etchings of figures, among them “Self Portrait” (2009), which shows him in profile wearing a fanciful hat; it combines elements of a village folk costume from his native Macedonia and an ancient helmet worn backward.

Similarly, Myungwon Kim seems to be developing a starkly original voice in lithography, an age-old technique that is all but moribund. She makes simple yet beautiful abstract prints that can look like stains on a carpet or the meandering movement of oil mixed with water. In her seeming spontaneity and her attention to texture, however, she is an artist of great poise and sensitivity.

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