Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ivan Arguelles: Inferno

Poetry. " has to read this work with a new mind-set. Instead of looking for the neat moral conclusion, one has to allow oneself to be 'drowned' in the ocean of this stunning and protean work and be receptive to all the ambiguities and contradictions it contains. One should not look for an 'end' to it, for it is endless. You can never 'finish' reading it, but now you must 'start'!"

--Dr. John M. Bennett.

from 9th. St. Blog,

Inferno by Ivan Arg├╝elles with cover and introduction by John M. Bennett is a radical re-visoning of Dante's epic and has just been published and is available for $15.00 from: Beatitude Press Press at 1731 10th Street #A Berkeley CA 94710 or thru Small Press Distribution:


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