Friday, November 6, 2009

Soddoma: Cantos of Ulysses

Through the slave quarters and to the river below, cross sections of freshening earth…

1. Shaft scene

Syphilitic skeletons borne in blood menstrual pillars of Sodom coitus breath scars thorns milk interprets the scrotal consummating corpse labia drunk and made holy clitoridectomies penis sheaths paleolithic barriers scavenging decomposition narrow receiving bowl.
Bushmen read the koka shastra, wandering wombs dilate the reproductive cycle…

2. Venus in furs

Hedged yogic castration, umbilical suckling male hymen ejaculatory ducts the membranous urethra pastoralists, conjugated estriols feminized (double castration) dislect of deep incised consumption an infant’s sexual attributes cranial/uteral childbirth masturbation swallows.
Whaling asps three miles by four, heavens corpse spinal venerated. It’s flaccid genital beard, (it’s) (madness to be confined-Rimbaud)

3. Coffin birth

Menstruation (ovum) migration explicit breath sutras tenderness, thick wash rape (decay) copulation abortifacients peyote insufficient mitochdrial DNA homologue of the penis (masculine machinery) the debauchery of an open wound herded to the dead.

4. Flesh allows sins without the body

Departing drew squalor copula weightless heat sweating petals de-centered borne wallow plurality of unrecorded raindrops rhythms tastes screams branches nausea erections vomiting animal bearers agony clutter the pineal eye
A smell is monogamous; intimate doctrine of a menstrual matter.

5. The absurdity of rigor mortis

Blood bathed lips of a reptilian beings drag Basilidan stones spreading the dust from her ribcages to make another opening in her entrails (the presence of unnecessary practice – peremptory expulsion) the jaws of the clitoris are pried open by hideous animals (ecstasy excludes the worker) inundated with hair.
In a time if war the mountains…having nothing, baring all, we ate the dead.

6. When confronted with conflict the mind re-enters the body; you are going where the smell is coming from.

Vertebras exposed misshapen fingers beat abdomens earth flash rises an intersex scrotal sac (divided) of freshly labes burning shitting expiating hesitation dilacerated forehead emanating from the mouths of disemboweled children which have come to signify bread human bridges of decomposed odors draws the flesh in mummification raised shoulders head down ochre resin the surface of the bone circulation of infection mineralized deposits inorganic tapeworms the vertical diameter of the head the breadth of cremation grooves worn into the pubic bone spina bifida occulta proliferations of forensic anthropology ask when will rape be as pure as birth?
The species of half-sex neuropsychological orgasms of the anal gene, spliced chromosome not noticed in mutation.

7. Whether goest thou…

Ejaculating the blood spray of the lotus consummating the decomposition of the corpse the rapist’s paradox, the pelvic grasp easing milk from the prostrate hair menstruation vaginal dreaming; ingredients; the silphum bone of a Namibian woman hardened impulse that collapses to repulsion retracting the narrative to transparency, it’s surgical augmentation lit by phallic lamp-arching tusks hybrid of distinctive strains grave blood a pregnant mare incites a doctrinal aria of machinations, of language – anima/animus
What is heaven without the significance of blood? Man and his beliefs must be in excess!

8. Blood house

Malignant roots necrophilous traits excoriations of physiognomy the immune system is unresponsive to foreign tissue until electricity is accompanied by the fear of drowning monologues of EKG readouts cosmogony commotion carnis enzymes human secretions reliquiae cibi the collecting of hair fingernails urine feces dead skin pedagogical serum unclothed bodies are often confused as being undisturbed until you look under the skin, whores are usually the cleanest bodies pulled from the river hand to vein mouth to cunt phallocentrism

9. I believe, so I cannot

Indigent numerology purity humility behaviorists recrocity pails full downstream consensual pre-scientific confinement the occipital lobes sinsemilla weighing departure a season in hell unrelated ecstasies smeared lingams bone fragments cognitive distonic transmutation glass variants decomposed absentia burial
Bestiality; rhythms of the unborn – flesh of the flesh

10. Fresh water beds (subject to birth), thus to the profane…

Urinating kisses necessity in suffocating silence buttocks bruised in blood and sensuality passages through bodily death diatonic coils currents of starvation re-absorbed hymns of the Rig Veda a drenching of meat, shifting the collapse of a consenting body the deep percussion of fist against skin a Urethran Oresteia a swaying fragrance unasked unsaid an odor a pile of earth made holy
The throat is a brothel, it is illiterate, and it is innocence

11. As for my sins (for Allen Ginsberg)

I’m a predatory species, a certain despondency; bred for dying the mouth opens and it squares the circles the circle the nature of deceit there are limitations to death the real threat is my own mind the size of the water gasping breaths quiet immersions glimpsed eternal anal concealment surveillance in the pubic beard, NAMBLA subtlety woke out of breath, vying prophet speaking in tongues, as for my sins.
Psychagogues; studies of the body are linked to the undead. Are the undying really the unborn?

12. The rhythm of the prey managed through paths of bone; allows some conditions to breathe.

Massive confinement addresses the conscience a theater of atrocity texts sober recited states all science is God, God does not exist obsession dictates ritual excavation of past mastery healing seizures migraine delta malignant roots of necrophilous traits reliquiae cibi succubi incubi ascension reawaken the form of life.
The external world has nothing to tell, it’s not a disorder it’s an opening a growing together of undoing

13. Head instead of body, a stone burnt halo of worms

Sodomized with urine feces in the brow death twice beaten manuscripts scared onto the tongues of man hunted erotic half skull spinal ropes of pure masturbation ropes made from the pubic hair of Christ black fruit cruel mud the true origin of foreskin that human smell his mouth dripped laughed again smooth muscles discrepancies excremental ejaculation intestinal composites half-remembered incest balancing writhing a counter recording rectum scratching muffled gray urine decay encrusted doors lubrication pushing her mouth into the blindfold glass cavern eye socket condensation discretion
Briefly humid fingertips spreading delicacy, internal muscles

14. Skin recedes, flesh peels

Curious emergence the agonizing receptive position the crushing weight nectar stretched slightly her breath preserved on his belt abject slaves shoulders bent pushing her mouth into the blindfold are animals really ignorant of taboos overlying tissue anus curvature craniofacial identification hollow cast anatomical points rectal incisors alter cremation purified with wine practical uses of graves discontinuity of being the gulf of death mainsprings animalcula orgiacal eroticism plethora of the genital organs habitual reserve interred field notes hair fociles toxicology preservation of blood evidence the striking of vows
Veneral orgasms, a preconscious reductionist velocity

15. Any sign of being: sidereal bodies

Anumalous monism postulate retinal unconscious naturalizing hemorrhagic nerve endings recoiled bleeding escophaged lining malnutrition normal vomiting of early infancy fecal incontinence intravenous lines vascular dementia middle temporal lobe structures surgical ablation unilateral spatial neglect motoric immobility conjunctival injection brief psychotic disorder schizoc affective sexual dysfunction lubrication swelling response sensory bondage infantilism oxygen depriving bulimia nervosa postual tremors premenstrual dysphoric disorder agonist medication constricted thought insertion dysarthria predisposed abscess orgasmic disorders syphilis meat racks bathhouses ecology of anal intercourse
Anchoring the apocalypse (archaic records – sexual antiquity)

16. Sloth

Vaccination contaminated blood nasal census, transmutation counting of pubic hairs uteral lacerations erogenous mixtures phosphorescent congestion her thighs rubbed with blood ankles bound to the wrist face sprayed, pussy filleted ashes bridled death stroked by penetration unwinding of the ceiling guttural mirrors magnified blond raven rubs her ass in my face I sleep, I eat, I drink decomposed my cock like a thorn impales her blood gives way to cartilage to bone if I can’t kill you, I’ll breed you earth bent to the pplow an orchid drinks from the serpent black and reflectent cunnlingus, raw sleep the margin of flesh unqualified embalming fragments of pregnancy an imbalanced mixture pressurized contagious hemophilia a perceiving body of primitive speech purged of paternal soil multilingual dysentery intravenous transmidible agents quarantine exhortations posthumously hanged puncture contagious blood the fetus predates the abdominal wheel
Subordinations to nature, betrothed laboring breaths and the ferocity of silence

17. Semen dries, efficacy of prayer

Agrarian societies ritual androgyny irregularities of creation putrefying male consumption flailed unclean intimacy calculus of bodily secretions sodomite, hysterical growth cycle mountagnard rosary when hair gives way to flesh the vaginal chambers of my brain blesses the wine with my spent cock swallowing the poison sac practioners of dissonance with a voice that has no tongue desecrated by an abyss that limits to the last breath the properties of sound buggery at the Sabbath a mercenary of thought locked down burning a child ingesting its skull ataraxia a deviation of nature peering at death through anal protusions oral decay the power of the animal that kills and refuses to feed his young that eats his young is pure he drinks of the waters that pour from hell consumed of sickness half conscious of sudden pain thickening screams smell the distance trembling, undulating, backwash of castration unprecedented chaos a laughing hymn of exhaustion listening posts set in the abdomen certain bodies lecture esoteris doctrine disembodied corpses are weighed and transported these abstractions of matter are no longer Bodhisattvas their physical manifestation burned unto consumation the hunger is mine their eyes synonymously endowed, liquefied spititus mercurialis, mystagogues of humidum radicale albino sparrow a littoral species paths acted its natural contents the genitals of either sex the palmer reflex the mucosa of the lower lip the pedagogical domain solidarity of substances
Dreams dissected, impregnated the pulmonary chamber

18. Yahweh, covered with hair; the progenitor of the sweat-born child

Explanatory respiration contrary of undirected thought speech delivered breech abstention of male’s ejaculation visualized liquor the phalangeal circulation embroidery that leaps irreconcilable behavior that demands the bowels be bled postulated pain divorces sound its overlapping change that is analogous to birth is not comprised of pitch only that of the effort the reburial of milk proteins of prehistory is unearthed accidentally by psychagogues
When we bleed why do we not bleed urine? In an autopsy when the lungs are examined, why do they not find milk? When the feet are cut off, why doesn’t that sense of balance shift to the hands?

19. Light extends to the darkness

I loaded the skins the deep percussion of fist against skin I turned Shepard’s lumber great sacks of flesh the remaining bones piled in the monastery candles deep in the petrified ice stones opening to excrement, excrement to ash the ash I will ingest entering into Laos I can sense the flames…why am I still alive
Never forget it was the Garden of Eden that grew the apple. I tmay not have delivered the apple into her hands but it did hide the seed.

20. Winter in Laos

In my brain washing decapitated head ash and bruising hair once as minutes bone vein thorn hungry finger skin Shiva’s steps inhalation drawing mud cap shorn washing cock in honey a buried library of semen swallowing circling contortions a grave of hair black raised veins open to the teeth inscribed hibernation burnt dried oils of cock zero syntactical pubic forms of closing hands swallowing dilation mouth husks elongated unnatural defecation smearing hymns buttocks skull testicle anorexia stomach fucked for blood murals loosened and bound masturbation cellar lingam jaw finger rose spade scales baskets of loin pelvis scythe Mahatma Buddha Jesus fuck floor urine mother father birth renunciation hallucination gravel thigh walls mattress ammonia vomiting constriction perfumed sedition gesture of cracked stain a confusing of shoulders the hairs on convulsion inwitted mulatto absorption hurling spinal fellatio a parasitic interracial hemorrhage the belly’d quill malarial excrement yaqui hookah mescalito mantis subcutaneous sarcophagous shuddering acceleration urinating in the Ganges firstborn ashes inches of stomach foreskin of the nostril a riverbed caked in burlap ovens of boiled rust the coils of mongoloid cannabis rose burst cremated hair calcified muscle matter roughened bone muscular appendage saliva placenta
Piercing pains in the hands, coldness in the mouth, the mind is in too much pain to go on.

21. Awareness of broken skin and the swarming of decay

The death it was concentrated in the mouth vacuity sweating from an obscure orifice the corpse knows only one thing ugliness is not dying decomposition a miserable excess the soul of a dying animal bred with the feces of the dead produces a cycle of transformation its potency applicable to the husbandry of the kundalini my soul encased in your breath of my words
Exonerating mouth cathedrals

22. Hands asleep crawl the eyes

What we need is a knowing thoughtful ecstasy of death an unquenchable sanatoria, a precious and thundering somoditical crematorium, a depth of skin these abdominal excretions show a prophetic willingness of nature turn their skin aware, nothing
A glassening inhalation

23. Mud smoke; aumgn

Her legs open to a faint heartbeat dying of thirst with straps across your feet; when hair gives way to flesh filth is migratory the precipitated nostril
Blood fear

24. Aboriginal fear

The sefrirotic tree a dying winged flood replicas of swarming crouching bird-like plunging nudes into flames darkness unsculptiral monotonous terrain ravings in grotesquely brutal sequence anthropomorphic resurrection mirror-eyed ecstasy summoned aboriginal monoliths swung from genitalia blown from blood hearts of erections augmentations of shitspeak
10050 Cielo Drive, I feel dead now

25. Four-sided blade

A chest ripe with intestines opens like the Sarawak chamber sore eyes that inhale appear like blackened buckets the light opening into darkness the smells narrowed the abscessed layers of skin has relieved the shoals to collapse this once inaccessible grotto now becomes open and dry
Black and semen drenched, two bodies seem to have been grabbed by wire, ever tasted blood? Sexuality the domain discipline the blown hair of a wound
Exaltation of the mother’s milk, umbilical impropriety
30. Sunken cheeks, infatuated with the body
The rain room is filled with possessions the dumpster is abridged stream hinged on a drowned distance of blood a hardened pederastic vision shifting up through the nakedness exclusive to the rigour wiped from the lips
A taste oriented ejaculation
31. Convulsions (inaudibility)
Hurling spurts of thick blood molested lying cold in soap morning like a hymn warming like cock sweat agitated by flesh hallucinations feed the entrails removing the lesions and then swallowing them the dying dead motion with their tongues for water
29 metallic bodies inserted into pubic areas, gender is an illusion
32. Horn cloth
Anointed with oil burned flesh ripped pregnant and retching diarrhea washing back into her face she was eventually exhumed most of her body little more than a greasy smudge police investigators found a severed head of an adult male in the womb others were extensively mutilated and left in repose

- Chris Mansel


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