Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Curse of The Methuselah Tree

“I am not part of history. No. History is part of me.” This is the story of the oldest living thing on earth and its unique view of human civilisation. With narration and specially-commissioned poetry by Roger McGough.

This original film combines beautifully shot footage of Methuselah, the 26-foot bristlecone pine, with reconstructions of the thousands of years it has witnessed. But what if such a witness could speak? For the first time this 4,643-year-old is given his own voice.

Hear the tree’s perspective on passing of ancient civilisations, the settlement of America by Europeans and the testing of atom bombs 100 miles away in the Nevada desert.

Reviews for the film

“Photographed from every imaginable angle, and looking at times like a painting by Salvador Dali, Methuselah was given new life by Roger McGough…Part science, part history, part ecology, part reflection on the transitoriness of existence, this strange haunting film could not have come at a more appropriate moment”

Daily Mail

“ A beautifully shot film”

The Evening Standard

“The use of time-lapse photography and poetry makes this a unique effort”

Time Out

“A gentle film that nonetheless grapples with the issue of our own mortality.”

The Guardian

“Visually ravishing”

The Telegraph


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